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The task of choosing Project Management & Planning software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Project Management & Planning Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Project Management & Planning Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Project Management & Planning Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


I have just started using CAM Management Solutions newest cloud software Cammrisk. Cammsrisk is simple, easy to use and affordable. I would happily recommend this to anyone looking to streamline their risk reporting and effectively manage their risk profile across the organisation. Set up of the system to match our current risk framework was seamless and swift, and the technical support has been absolutely fantastic.

Last reviewed on Monday, 07 Nov 2016


cammsproject is an excellent system that is easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their project management culture across the organisation. The workflow engine allows me to create and modify my own individual project management templates, whilst dashboards provide a great oversight on project status and performance.

Last reviewed on Monday, 07 Nov 2016

Business Planning HQ

Unfortunately, we have been 'skinned' by this lot. Looks all good, talks all good, but he won't perform as advertised, a sales con, and then get all emotional, then keeps the $thousands paid upfront, its a real battle to get refund, still don't have a refund, he lies constantly. Changes the game on the fly! Too much money to throw away! Bad, bad service! Also found so many times, he writes his own glory reviews. Wish I'd known,...

Last reviewed on Friday, 07 Oct 2016


We started using Twproject 3 months ago. It is very friendly and it has all the feature we need, Gantt charts, task statistics, time tracking, and to-do organizations. It also includes a part dedicate for costs management. It is an incredible software at a very low price!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 22 Sep 2016


Nice interface, and easy to use. Very focussed on requirements management for software. No system architecture available.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016

Seavus Project Viewer

Seavus Project Viewer is the best and most reliable software for opening and printing Project files. It helped my team to cut costs on purchasing full Microsoft Project licenses for every member. I sincerely recommend it with a 5 star.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016


In the dead of the night and without warning, DropTask morphed from our "go to" work flow tracking system to an almost unrecognizable and nearly unusable mess... ...and they have indicated that they won't restore the parts that worked best. Is it too late to go back to Version 1?

Last reviewed on Friday, 19 Aug 2016


I have been managing projects for over 45 years. I used to be software agnostic on PM software but no longer since using Exepron. It is the first PM software I've used that is like a phone app-- intuitive, easy to use and easy to get results with. By imbedding the Critical Chain concepts automatically, I can finally get statistical validity in my project plans. My clients love it and have stuck with it and achieved great benefits...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 23 May 2016


Net Suites is a good program but they miss the mark with training and support. They leave you hanging on their case studies. The third party support which is very expensive, (hundreds of dollars per hour), are too busy to give proper customer service. So dont buy it other software companies can do the same thing, (netsuite is huge you dont need all of its components). Also if your company grows to more than ten nusers they...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 May 2016


ClickTime is an incredible technology. It makes it easy for our team to track time and report on employee availability and utilization.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 06 Apr 2016


Visual and easy to use. The integration with TFS allows my non-developer team members be part of the project management process.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016


Simply put: OfficeTime works. Brilliantly. It allows me to clearly track my time spent on projects in a concise and organized fashion. On the rare occasion I have a question, their customer service team responds almost immediately and with skill and efficiency. I am extremely happy with this software.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016


iMindQ is by far the best mind mapping and diagramming tool I have ever tried. It is a pretty powerful piece of software, that greatly aids the completion of my project planning and organization tasks. I warmly recommend it for everyone.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016


Paymo is really easy to use. It's light but very powerful. Recommended application for time tracking and project management.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

ITM Platform

A tool that simplifies and speeds the achievement of objectives with optimal management of projects. The integration of MsProject for project management is good.I recommend this tool very much to increase your profits, manage costs, clients, portfolios. The gantt and kanban tool is very cool and I use it for my marketing campaigns!

Last reviewed on Friday, 22 Jan 2016

Wrike Inc.

Wrike is a great way to organize your company. The two best things about it I think are that it's very customizable and collaborative. You can be fully transparent or fully confidential with your projects as well as having all the custom fields and things you want to keep track of in your work. It's also fully collaborative where tons of people can work on a project, assigning tasks, to do lists, bigger projects, etc. Full...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 22 Jan 2016


My team and I have used Binfire.com for the past two years on projects we worked with third party companies. Binfire is a wonderful project management and collaboration tool. Great Task management, interactive Gantt, bug tracking, resource loading and portfolio management for managing multiple projects. They also have one of the best support teams anywhere! I strongly recommend Binfire for startups and SMBs.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016


I used the RiskGap on one of my project. Initially, we started to use the program, as we need to keep all the risks in one place with the ability to assign responsible person for each risk. But when the risk library offered us a couple of risks that we do not discuss during brainstorming with project team, we decided to deeply understand the software. As a result, our team is actively using integration with tfs. The system...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016

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